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SuperDump is a service for automated crash-dump analysis
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SuperDump is a service for automated crash-dump analysis. It has a web- as well as a REST-interface to upload Windows process crash dumps. It automatically creates a webbased crash report, as well as pre-defined WinDbg analysis and DebugDiag crash/hang analysis. It also offers an interactive WinDbg session in the browser.

SuperDump was made with these goals in mind:

  • Make crash-dump analysis easy for people who are unexperienced with it, or don't have the necessary tools installed.
  • Speed up first assessment of a crash-dump, by automatically preparing crash-dump analysis up-front. A developer should be quicker in determining the essence of a crash.



Windows analyis can be run simply in Docker for Windows:

  • Have Windows Containers enabled on your Docker for Windows.
  • Just run docker run -d -p 80:5000 -v superdump:C:\superdump\data\dumps discostu105/superdump
    • The mount is recommended, so that uploaded dumps survive containers
  • Due to a Windows/Docker glitch, it's not possible to find the service under localhost:5000 though. Use docker inspect <id> to get the IP address of the container and access it directly <ip-of-container>:80. This should improve in future Windows versions.

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