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  • Discussions with Posts
  • Post bodies rendered as markdown


First install Go:


cd cmd/discussied
go build && ./discussied

Open up http://localhost:8000/ in your browser.

How to use the API

First install

List discussions:

http localhost:8000/api/discussions/

Create a discussion:

echo '{
    "author": "schmichael",
    "title": "Cat GIFs"
}' | http POST localhost:8000/api/discussions/

To access posts you'll have to use the Big Long ID returned by POSTing a new
discussion (or in the discussion listing).

List posts on a discussion:

http localhost:8000/api/discussions/BIG-LONG-ID

Create a post on a discussion:

echo '{
    "author": "schmichael",
    "body": "lolwat"
}' | http POST localhost:8000/api/discussions/BIG-LONG-ID

Preview a post by just rendering it as markdown:

echo '{"body": "**ok**"}' | http POST localhost:8000/api/render/

List most recent posts from newest to oldest:

http localhost:8000/api/posts/recent/

How to use app

To run locally simply run go api and go to http://localhost:8000 in your browser.

Javascript optimization

To optimize javascript install r.js by running npm install -g requirejs. Then run make jsbuild to build and commit an optimized version of app.js.

Api Endpoints Dev


GET /api/discussions/ - Get list of disussions.

POST /api/discussions/ - Create a new discussion.

GET /api/discussions/{id} - Get list of discussion posts.

POST /api/discussions/{id} - Create a new discussion post.

POST /api/render/ - Render markdown string into HTML.

GET /api/posts/recent/ - Get list of most recent posts.


PUT? /api/posts/{id} - Update post.

DELETE /api/posts/{id} - Delete post.

PUT? /api/discussion/{id} - Update discussion.

DELETE /api/discussion/{id} - Delete discussion. (Should we allow?)


See LICENSE for full text (hint: it's Apache License

Copyright 2014 Michael Schurter & Piet van Zoen

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