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Wordpress all-in-one dockerized demo
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Wordpress all-in-one dockerized demo

A Dockerfile that installs the latest wordpress, nginx, php-apc, php-fpm, mysql.

NB: A big thanks to jbfink and eugeneware!


To spawn a new instance of wordpress on port 80. The -p 8088:80 maps the internal docker port 80 to the outside port 8088 of the host machine.

$ docker run -p 8088:80 -d ditmc/wordpress

After starting the wordpress container check to see if it started and the port mapping is correct. This will also report the port mapping between the docker container and the host machine.

$ docker ps -> 80/tcp

You can the visit the following URL in a browser on your host machine to get started. Get the IP of the docker host (docker-machine ip tutorial) and visit it in your browser:

Don't forget to stop the container when you'll not need it anymore

$ docker stop CONTAINER_ID

or even completely remove it:

$ docker rm CONTAINER_ID
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