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Single Node Hadoop Cluster
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This is an image of a single node hadoop cluster on a docker running Ubuntu 14.04. The image was created on docker running on a Ubuntu 14.04 system.
The image has been created using regular installation of hadoop on an ubuntu system.
The cluster contains single namenode, datanode, secondary namenode, resource manager and node manager.

To start single-node Hadoop:

Pull this image and run the container.

sudo docker run -it --name hadoop1 -P -p 50070:50070 -p 50090:50090 div4/hadoop /bin/bash

Dedicated hadoop user group is hadoop_group and user account is hduser2.

su – hduser2
sudo service ssh start
ssh localhost

Run the command


In case of error running the start-all command, run

su – hduser2

To see services running, run the following commands

cd /usr/local/hadoop

To stop hadoop, run


Hadoop Web Interfaces are accessible at http://localhost:50070/ - web UI of the NameNode daemon.
If you are running hadoop on a server on cloud, replace local host with ip of the server.

If password is required: H4doop

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