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Prometheus exporter for Bosun's scollector in a tiny Docker image powered by Alpine Linux
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Server that accepts metrics via the OpenTSDB/Bosun protocol and exports them as Prometheus metrics.

Bosun's scollector is a replacement for OpenTSDB's TCollector and can be used to send metrics to a Bosun, OpenTSDB server and Prometheus scollector exporter. More info at

Prometheus is an open-source service monitoring system and time series database inspired by Google's Borgmon. More info at

How to use this image

Print help:

docker run --rm diyan/prom-scollector-exporter --help

The most simple usage:

docker run -d --name=prom_scollector_exporter \
  -p 9107:9107 \
  diyan/prom-scollector-exporter \
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