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Short Description
Bot to listen on the #openmrs IRC channel for scrum notes, and website for viewing these
Full Description

Record Scrum notes from the #openmrs IRC channel

Before building

npm install -g mocha


ES (for a dev environment on OSX)

$ docker run --name scrumbot-es -d -p 9200:9200 -p 9300:9300 elasticsearch

Run just the listener (without the webapp)

$ node index

Run the listener and webapp together

If you do not have elasticsearch running on localhost:9200, then create a "config.json" file like this:

  "irc": {
    "channel": "#openmrstest"
  "elasticsearch": {
    "host": ""


$ npm start

And see the webapp running on http://localhost:3000

Testing the docker build locally

$ docker run --name web -d -p 3000:3000 --link es:es -e "elasticsearch:host=http://es:9200" -e "irc:channel=#openmrstest" djazayeri/openmrs-scrumbot:1.0


Note: this approach uses LINK networking, which will eventually be deprecated in Docker.

ES for prod on a Digital Ocean one-click app Docker box (don't expose ElasticSearch to the outside world, since it isn't secured)

$ docker run -d --restart="unless-stopped" --name es -v "$PWD/esdata":/usr/share/elasticsearch/data -p elasticsearch

dockerhub does builds automatically

Whenever you commit code to this repository it is automatically built as djazayeri/openmrs-contrib-scrumbot:latest

run webapp+bot on docker on Digital Ocean

// this is automated as ./update-web
$ docker pull djazayeri/openmrs-contrib-scrumbot:latest
$ docker rm web
$ docker run -d -p 80:3000 --name web --link es:es -e "elasticsearch:host=http://es:9200" djazayeri/openmrs-contrib-scrumbot:latest
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