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Experimental support for providing in Docker
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This installs the binary version of CIAO 4.9 with the intention of support Jupyter notebooks. To that end AstroPy, Matplotlin, and SciPy are installed, and the Sherpa configuration tweaked so that it defaults to using matplotlib for plotting, rather than ChIPS.

% sudo docker run -p 8888:8888 djburke/ciao-build:4.9.0 /home/ciaouser/bin/start_jupyter.bash

should start a Jupyter notebok session, accessible from http://localhost:8888/ and using the highly-secure password ciao. Note that - contrary to labelling - only Python 2.7 sessions are supported.


The 4.8.0 tag contains a version of CIAO 4.8 which has been installed and then re-built. This is an experiment and is not intended for any sort of real-world use. I make no guarantees about the contents of the image, its state, whether it has been tested, or even its longevity (i.e. I could remove it at any time).

Saying all that, if you are interested in this, or have a use case for CIAO on docker, then please let me know.You may also be interested in ldouchy/ciao, although this is not any sort of endorsement (or not-endorsement) of that image.


You can access the Dockerfile at (I have not yet set up an automated build as this is all still experimental).

Please note

This is not an official CXC product. Please use and let me know problems and questions, but it is provided under no warranty and support is provided on a best-effort basis.

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