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Philips Hue web management interface, now with added Docker!
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Simple readme, copy pasted from Angular Material-Start.

Angular Material-Start (ES6)

Getting Started

This project uses, a package manager for SystemJS which is built on top
of the dynamic ES6 module loader. This allows developers to load any module format (ES6, CommonJS,
AMD, and globals).


This project assumes that you have NodeJS and any relevant development tools (like XCode) already

Getting Started

Clone this repository and execute the following commands in a terminal:

  • git checkout master
  • npm install
  • npm run serve

Note: Open the dev console to see any warnings and browse the elements.


You will notice a few files/directories within this project:

  1. app/src - This is where all of your application files are stored.
  2. app/assets - This folder contains some tutorial-provided images and icons which are used by
    the application.
  3. index.html - The entry point to your application. This uses System.js to load the
    app/src/boot/boot.js bootstrap file which in turn loads the app/src/app.js file that imports
    all of your dependencies and declares them as Angular modules, and configures the icons and
    theming for the application.

Of course you can run a docker image on your own machine:
docker run -p 8080:8080 --name materialhue -d djflix/materialhue:latest

Libraries/projects (ab)used to hack this together:

Docker Pull Command