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Bitbucket pull request builder for bamboo
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#Bamboo bitbucket pull request builder

Bamboo-bitbucket pull request builder sole purpose is to trigger builds in bamboo based on comments in pull requests on bitbucket.
Unfortunately there is no easy way to bridge these 2 Atlassian products via standard settings either in Bamboo or Bitbucket, that's why I created this app.

After triggering the bamboo build, this app adds a comment to the respective pull request with the link to bamboo and a optional joke
about Chuck Norris :)


Application is a standard Spring Boot app and you can configure it as such (for details see below).
It can be run from docker image built on docker hub:

docker run -v=./config:/opt/pr-builder/config dkatona/bamboo-bitbucket-pr-builder

Application exposes two endpoints:

  • /commentCreated - receiving information about created comment from bitbucket hook and invoking configured bamboo job
  • /healthcheck - checks that configuration is set properly

Both endpoints are secured by token you need to supply with every call as a query parameter accessToken, value of which can be
configured in the configuration file.


In general, you can configure the app with all means a Spring Boot app can be configured - see this link.
In the above example of running the app in the docker container, I created config directory with containing custom configuration, but you are
free to supply it on the command line when running the container.

For connection to Bitbucket/Bamboo you can use either OAuth or basic authentication - you need to set bamboo.basic.*/bamboo.oauth.* and
bitbucket.basic.*/bitbucket.oauth.* properties respectively.

More configuration options with descriptions can be found in

###How to obtain OAuth token to Bitbucket

You need to go to: Profile -> Bitbucket settings -> OAuth -> Add consumer. Don't forget to fill callback URI to arbitrary value and add
pull requests read&write permission. After creating the consumer, just copy clientId and clientSecret and add it to the configuration.

###How to obtain OAuth token to Bamboo

This is a bit complicated as Bamboo uses OAuth1.0a, you need a private/public key pair to sign your requests. Please follow a guide in this
excellent post and obtain apiKey, accessToken and accessTokenSecret
and set them to the configuration file. Don't forget to set a path to your private key (bamboo.oauth.privateKey)
in order to sign requests.

###How to set bitbucket hooks

In order to invoke this application when a pull request is commented, you need to set bitbucket hooks - a guide is available as a part of bitbucket
knowledgebase. Trigger should be set to Comment created.

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