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This build container for magento 2
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This image is built from the official php repository and contains PHP configurations for Magento 2.

What's in this image?

This image installs the following base packages:

  • composer
  • php-fpm

This image also installs the following PHP extensions, which are the minimally required extensions to install and run Magento 2:

  • gd
  • intl
  • mbstring
  • mcrypt
  • pdo_mysql
  • soap
  • xsl
  • zip


The following variables may be set to control the PHP environment:

  • PHP_MEMORY_LIMIT: (default 2048M) Set the memory_limit of php.ini
  • PHP_PORT: (default: 9000) Set a custom PHP port
  • PHP_PM: (default dynamic) Set the process manager
  • PHP_PM_MAX_CHILDREN: (default: 10) Set the max number of children processes
  • PHP_PM_START_SERVERS: (default: 4) Set the default number of servers to start at runtime
  • PHP_PM_MIN_SPARE_SERVERS: (default 2) Set the minumum number of spare servers
  • PHP_PM_MAX_SPARE_SERVERS: (default: 6) Set the maximum number of spare servers
  • APP_MAGE_MODE: (default: default) Set the MAGE_MODE

One-off containers

This image can run one-off PHP commands, such as:

docker run --rm --name php-test mageinferno/magento2-php echo "Hello world"

Application code is placed in /var/www/html. You can also attach a volume to that location, then run Magento-specific commands such as the Magento CLI tool:

docker run --rm --name mysite -v /Users/username/Sites/mysite/app/code:/var/www/html/app/code mageinferno/magento2-php:7.0-fpm-0 ./bin/magento

Docker Compose

Please see for more detailed instructions and an example development environment using Docker Compose.

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