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Docker container for running rdmd

This docker image provides the current version of the
rdmd compiler of the D programming language.
The container takes source code encoded as Base64 on the command line and
decodes it internally and passes it to rdmd. The compiler
tries to compile the source and, if successful, outputs
the program's output. Compiler errors will also be output,
to stderr.

This container is used in the dlang-tour
to support online compilation of user code in a safe sandbox.


Given a source code:

$ source='void main() { import std.stdio; writeln("Hello World"); }

Convert it to Base64:

$ bsource=$(echo $source | base64 -w0)

Run the docker container passing the base64 source as
command line parameter:

$ docker run --rm stonemaster/dlang-tour-rdmd $bsource
Hello World

Docker image

The docker image gets built after every push to master and pushed to DockerHub.


Boost license.

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