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FTB Infinity
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FTB Infinity

For instructions on how to use this docker image, see dlord/minecraft.

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a year ago

Is that possible to have an environment variable to set expert mode at first launch ?

a year ago

Ok, it seems that the docker hub does not send notifications when someone leaves a comment. Either that, or it got sent to spam.

First off, I do apologize that the docs was not properly updated. I no longer save the world data in /var/lib/minecraft because some mods don't like the world data in a different location other than the MINECRAFT_HOME folder. Sad, but nothing much I can do about.

I'll update the base image README.

a year ago

Hey @dlord . I noticed that the dockerfile doesn't have the data volume set up as described in . Is there a reason for this? Currently, if you were to docker rm -f {containerName} and then docker run ... --volumes-from {dvcName} a new world is generated. Maybe I'm misunderstanding the documentation or maybe this is broken? Any chance you could help with this? Also, as a side note, FTB Infinity was updated in the last couple days so the image in the container is outdated (2.3.5 vs 2.4.2).