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AisView allows aggregation and publishing of data from both real time and historic AIS data sources using REST.

AisView has 3 main functionalities:

  • Realtime Streaming : Streaming of incoming AIS data with easy-to-use filtering
  • Realtime Monitoring: Reporting of latest static and positional data from vessels
  • Historical Querying : Historic querying of AIS data via AisStore

Getting started

Compile the code from the root of the project. Maven 3.0.4 (or later) and Java 7 is needed:

mvn clean install

Unless you already have AisStore setup. The easiest way to get started is by using a freely available AIS stream.

Start up AisView by specifying the AisSources to listen to as parameters. Here we are using the freely available

java -jar target/ais-view-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar

Realtime Streaming

At any point all messages that is received by AisView can be streamed in realtime to any REST based client.
Either by curl'ing it from a command promt:

curl localhost:8090/stream

Or by opening the url in a browser:
Browser: http://localhost:8090/stream

The stream can be filtered in a number of ways

Realtime Monitoring

Historical Querying


An rectangular area can be specified: (top left latitude, top left longitude, bottom right latitude, buttom left latitude)


Interval are specified as a ISO 8601 time interval. For example,


Two output modes are supported: Raw data or Table:
?output=raw or ?output=table


Filtering based on mmsi numbers:


A limit can be placed on the number of packets that should be returned:
?limit=50 (will only return 50 packets)

Source filtering

All packets can be filtered based on some property on the source they are received from

  • Source Id: id
  • Source Basestation: bs
  • Source Country: country
  • Source Type: type
  • Source Region: region
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