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Automated build of jsdraw from BitBucket
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To run the project from Docker image

  1. Docker image lives at
  2. Follow standard Docker instructions to pull the image
  3. Then start the container
    docker run -p 8000:8000 dmednikov/jsdraw
  4. Get IP_ADDRESS of the docker machine
    docker-machine env
  5. Open a browser window http://IP_ADDRESS:8000

To run the project, after the clone

  1. From "js_draw" folder:
     npm install
    (it will install all required modules)
  2. And then from "drawing_game" folder:
    node app.js (to start up the node .js)
  3. In the browser:http://localhost:8000/

####Basic usage:####

  • Right click in the canvas to draw shapes.
  • Open a new tab and they will sync with each other

####Useful to install for development####

npm install -g browserify

npm install -g watchify

npm install -g grunt-cli

Commands to browserify and watchify (from "drawing_game" folder):

browserify assets/js/script.js -o assets/js/auto_generated/bundle.js -d

watchify assets/js/script.js -o assets/js/auto_generated/bundle.js -v

npm test (to run tests)

Instead of using watchify to run browserify, should use it to run babelify
which is "browserify transform for babel". Produces transpiled ECMA2015 code.

watchify assets/js/script.js -o assets/js/auto_generated/bundle.js -v -d -t [babelify]

To start the app itself:

npm start

To start the nodemon rather than the node (for development):

npm run start-dev

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