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Docker image for CitusDB to run on Rancher OS
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This fork was customized to be run on Rancher OS

Dockerfile for CitusDB, sharded scalable postgresql database.

How to use this image

The image is based off of the official postgres image and supports the same options.

In addition, new environment variables have been added:

CITUS_MASTER denotes that this instance is the citus master node. All citus workers
should be linked to this container (and should contain citus in their name).

CITUS_STANDALONE marks a citus master as a worker as well.

Testing the image

The image defined in this repo can be tested using Rancher OS.

To launch a citus cluster with a master node and 2 workers - create new stack and provide options by docker-compose.yml

For an example for setting up a distributed table and on how to run queries on it,
see CitusData docs: Examples with Sample Data.

These commands should be run from inside your docker instance:

> docker exec -it citusdocker_citusmaster_1 bash
root@9f7103615071:/# apt-get update; apt-get install -y wget
root@9f7103615071:/# wget
root@9f7103615071:/# wget
root@9f7103615071:/# gzip -d *.csv.gz
root@9f7103615071:/# psql
# follow the rest of the guide from here
Docker Pull Command