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Container that downloads raw sequences from P. Falciparum into VOLUME /home/bwa_user/data
Full Description

This container exposes a VOLUME to /home/bwa_user/data directory, and downloads a set of paired end raw sequences from the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Short Read Archive when the container is run along with an attribution stating where to find information about the data, and download it for your own use.

Important changes from 1.0 to 1.1 and latest

dmlond/bwa_plasmodium_data:1.0 is different from dmlond/bwa_plasmodium_data:1.1, latest, and any future tagged images. The 1.0. tagged container creates its own /home/bwa_user/data directory and downloads the data at build time, so that this image comes with the data in static form. This is useful for demonstrating how small datasets could be stored and statically shared via docker, but not useful for pipelines wanting to run the pipeline against a volume linked at run time. Linking a different volume at run time covers the directory created at build time with the data downloaded into it with the attached volume, and thus hides the downloaded data.

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