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Container which can add a publicly available fasta reference genome to a dmlond/bwa_reference_volume
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This container runs a script which, when attached to any volume exporting a /home/bwa_user/bwa_indexed directory, allows you to add a publicly available fasta formatted reference genome to be used in a dmlond/bwa_aligner alignment. It then uses the bwa command to index the genome, and creates a samtools faidx index to be used to add the sequences for hits to a bam file when it is created.

The container can be run without an attached volume, and without arguments to get a list of requirements. Reference genomes are organized in the /home/bwa_user/bwa_indexed directory by build.

Small genomes should be indexed with the -i argument, while larger genomes should be indexed with the -b argument. Unzipped reference genomes should be zipped using the -z argument to save space. The bwa and samtools indices are created on the zipped genome.

example: this will create a dmlond/bwa_reference_volume named 'bwa_references', and add a Plasmodium falciparum reference genome to it, to be used in an alignment

sudo docker run --name bwa_references dmlond/bwa_reference_volume

sudo docker run dmlond/bwa_reference -i pf3D7_v2.1.5 -z

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