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starz is an app that will show a specific user's repositories and how many stars each one has.
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Starz is an app that will show a specific user's repositories and how many stars each one has. Starz uses github oauth, and therefore requires a github clientid and github clientsecret to be passed in. More information about github oauth and what is required can be found here. Starz also expects a github api token to be passed in as a variable. If no token is passed in, it will default to only having 60 requests per hour to the github api.

Here is a list of the environment variables starz can have:

  -a, --apitoken string       github apitoken
  -i, --clientId string       github oauth clientId
  -s, --clientSecret string   github oauth clientSecret
  -c, --cookieSecret string   cookieSecret
  -n, --host string           hostname
  -p, --port int              port (default -1)

Starz running in a docker container expects these as env variables name STARZ_{VARIABLE}, for example:

$docker run -d -p 80:8000 -e STARZ_PORT='8000' -e STARZ_HOSTNAME='localhost' dmmcquay/starz:latest

Port, host, and cookieSecret all have sane defaults (8000, localhost, and a random string).

For the github oauth to work, you also need to have the github callback route defined. This can be the ip that will reach your container (lets call it $IP) and the route to the handler:


You have to add that into your github oauth configs.

Here is a full example of passing in all enviroment variables to starz:

$docker run -d -p 80:8000 \
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