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clojure with rlfe
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This is the repository for the official Docker image for Clojure.
It is automatically pulled and built by Stackbrew into the Docker registry.
This image runs on OpenJDK 8 and includes Leiningen.


Interactive Shell

Run an interactive shell from this image.

docker run -i -t clojure /bin/bash

Then within the shell, create a new Leiningen project and start a Clojure REPL.

lein new hello-world
cd hello-world
lein repl


This image makes building derivative images easier. For most use cases, creating a Dockerfile in the base of your project directory with the line FROM clojure:onbuild will be enough to create a stand-alone image for your project.

Pull or build this image

docker build --rm -t clojure:onbuild onbuild

Create a Dockerfile in your Clojure app project

FROM clojure:onbuild
CMD ["lein", "run"]

Put this file in the root of your app.

This image includes multiple ONBUILD triggers which should be all you need to bootstrap most applications. The build will COPY . /usr/src/app and RUN lein deps

You can then build and run the CLojure image:

docker build -t my-clojure-app .
docker run -it --rm --name running-clojure-app my-clojure-app

Isolated Development with Fig

See this repository for instruction and example.

ClojureScript Development with Figwheel

Run Figwheel to automatically load your ClojureScript changes into your running browser window.

docker run --rm -it \
  -w /w -v "$PWD":/w \
  -v "$HOME"/.m2:/root/.m2 \
  -p 3449:3449 \
  clojure \
  rlfe lein figwheel


  • Mounts $HOME/.m2 for caching Maven jars.
  • Exposes port 3449 (the default port for Figwheel) so the client code running in your browser can connect to it.
  • Wraps Figwheel's REPL in rlfe so command history and standard key combinations are available
  • If you're using a virtual machine, be sure to set Figwheel's :websocket-url option in your project.clj to something that makes sense (e.g., ws://
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