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Ubiquiti Unifi Controller - stable|rapid|beta
Full Description
  • dockerisation of unifi controller

** building docker image

git clone $dockerfile-unifi
cd dockerfile-unifi

the Dockerfile will provision the image with ubuntu:latest and all the required dependencies to
run the unifi controller.

The unifi controller repo will provide the .debs. The package requires mongodb, so if we dont
include 10gen's official repo it will use stock debian mongo instead (current state)

The supervisor.conf is provided to configure supervisord which is used to launch:

  • unifi contoller daemon
  • sshd to "debug" DEPRECIATED

    cd path/to/dockerfiledir
    docker build -t=rednut/unifi .


docker pull rednut/dockerfile-unifi

** run the container: launching the unifi controller daemon

to launch a container using the image created earlier:

docker run -d \
        -p 2222:22 -p 8080:8080 -p 8443:8443 -p 37117:27117 \
        -v /srv/data/apps/docker/unifi/data:/usr/lib/unifi/data \
        --name unifi rednut/unifi
  • check the container is runing:
    docker ps

  • check logs from container:
    docker logs unifi

  • show process:
    docker top unifi

  • kill the container ie stop process and stop container:
    docker kill unifi

  • remove named conatiner (so you can re-run it):
    docker rm unifi

so its usually better, after running the container to just stop/start it instead:

  • pause / unpause aka suspend running cotainer:

    docker pause/unpause unifi

docker restart unifi

docker stop/start unifi

docker kill unifi
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