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WARNING: This image is obsolete, having been replaced by dmscid/plankton-depends.
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This image has been replaced by dmscid/plankton-depends and won't be updated.


EPICS is the Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System.

PCASpy provides Python bindings for the Portable Channel Access Server.

This image is based on dmscid/epics-base and additionally provides Python, Pip and PCASpy v0.6.0.

The purpose of this image is primarily to be used as a base for other images to build upon.



This image is intended to be used as a base image. To to extend it, create a new Dockerfile and reference it using the FROM directive.

To make use of the init system, you should keep the provided ENTRYPOINT or use / as the first field if you want to provide a different ENTRYPOINT.

We recommend setting up any required environment variables by providing an /etc/profile.d/*.sh script and following the naming convention, where XY is a two-digit number. Since the scripts are sourced in alphabetical order, that number can be used to control execution order.

See dmscid/epics-base for details.

See dmscid/plankton for a usage example.

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