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Doalitic's blog


This project hosts the source behind

The blog consists of static html generated by Hugo.
Hugo is installed in the development virtual machine and is used to
generate the site and each blog post.


git clone --recursive


Several themes can be installed cloning the appropriate repo via git.
The one employed is determined by the configuration file
blog/config.toml. At the moment, we suggest the use of the material
theme, but others can
be employed instead. In any case, we'll likely fork an existing theme
to adapt it to our needs.

Installing a theme as a git submodule is quite straightforward:

git submodule add blog/themes/material-design 

Hence, to upgrade to the latest version of installed themes just run:

git submodule foreach git pull origin master


The site is initially created with hugo new site blog. As a blog
author, you don't need to issue this command again since the resulting
blog structure is already under version control.

In order to add a new post, just run hugo new post/
from the blog directory and:

  • Edit the corresponding Markdown file (don't forget to update the
    frontmatter metadata, deleting draft = True in case it exists).
  • Check the result running make server (port 1313).

When you're happy with the result, add the source files to the git
repo and push it. An automated build in Docker Hub will start to create
a data container that exports /var/www/blog as a volume so that it can
be used from an outside container, mainly from a web server. Such volume
contains the html files generated from the source Markdown.


The Doalitic team

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