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X11 eclipse in ubuntu with a specified workspace
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A docker container to eclipse in ubuntu with the specified workspace.


Although there are many eclipse images available, most are very vague about
what the contain. This container is designed primarily to run the IDE, but is appropriate for many other uses. Your workspace should
be provided as a volume. To keep things simple the eclipse will run as the
owner of that volume, and the workspace will also be used as the home directory.
That way there is no need to persist data inside the container.

Quick Start

If you have already have docker working you can start eclipse as easily as:

[ -d ~/workspace ] || mkdir ~/workspace
xhost local:root
docker run -i --net=host --rm -e DISPLAY -v $HOME/workspace/:/workspace/:z docbill/ubuntu-umake-eclipse:14.04

For windows this was a bit more complicated. I had to make sure Xwin (from
cygwin) was started with the -listen tcp option, and that security was
disabled. Once that was done the following command worked:

docker run -i --rm -e DISPLAY= -v /d/cygwin64/home/docbi/workspace/:/workspace/:z docbill/ubuntu-umake-eclipse:14.04

Where my ip address is, and the folder I wanted the workspace in
was D:\cygwin64\home\docbi\workspace\

The first time you run this command it will download the image.

If the :z flag is not recognized try the same command without that flag.

If you wish to install the IDE, follow the instructions at: IDE Installation -

If you do not have docker installed read on.

Installing Docker On Fedora, CentOS and RHEL

To install docker on Fedora and RHEL7, the following commands should work:

sudo dnf install docker
sudo systemctl start docker
sudo systemctl enable docker

For older version of Fedora and RHEL6 the commands are:

sudo yum install docker-io
sudo service docker start
sudo chkconfig docker on

One of the things you might want to do is to set storage options to something
other than loopback, as I find disk full errors can corrupt all your docker
images when using loopback.

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