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Run debuild in Docker containers.
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This is a Docker image to build Debian source packages in Docker containers. To download it, run:

docker pull dochang/debuild:latest


You have to bind the directory which contains source package files as /target in the container. For example, if you want to build foo-1.0, bar-1.1 and baz-2.0 in $HOME/src/, just run this:

docker run --rm -v $HOME/src:/target dochang/debuild foo-1.0 bar-1.1 baz-2.0

This command will build all three packages.

If you want to customize the options of dpkg-buildpackage and lintian, please set environment variables:

docker run --rm -v $HOME/src:/target -e DEBUILD_DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_OPTS="-k'NONAME <>' -sa" -e DEBUILD_LINTIAN_OPTS="-i" dochang/debuild foo-1.0 bar-1.1 baz-2.0

You can also customize the options of debuild by DOCKER_DEBUILD_OPTS:

docker run --rm -v $HOME/src:/target -e DOCKER_DEBUILD_OPTS="--no-lintian" dochang/debuild foo-1.0 bar-1.1 baz-2.0
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