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My deployment spec for dock0
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My deployment spec for dock0


This has the necessary files for dock0 to run dock0 install

  • config.yaml -- defines version of kernel, rootfs, and initrd to use when building the VM
  • templates -- has the grub config templates to lay down so the VM can boot

It also has the Docker information in meta/ to build a docker container that runs dock0.

The dev/update.rb script checks GitHub to see if any of the artifacts have updated versions.

To use

The provided Docker container will automate deploying this spec

docker run -ti -v /dev/sda:/opt/device -v /run/vm/bootmnt:/run/vm/bootmnt dock0/vm_spec

To use an alternate branch for the installation, specify it via the environment:

# this will use the dev branch
docker run -ti -e BRANCH=dev -v /dev/sda:/opt/device -v /run/vm/bootmnt:/run/vm/bootmnt dock0/vm_spec


These scripts and config files are released under the MIT License. See the bundled LICENSE file for details.

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