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A secure socks5 proxy, designed to protect your Internet traffic.
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Shadowsocks Server

A secure socks5 proxy, designed to protect your Internet traffic.


Pull the image from the docker index. This is the recommended method of installation as it is easier to update image. These builds are performed by the Docker Trusted Build service.

docker pull dockage/shadowsocks-server:latest

You can also pull the latest tag which is built from the repository HEAD

docker pull dockage/shadowsocks-server:latest

Alternately you can build the image locally.

git clone
cd shadowsocks-server
docker build --tag="$USER/shadowsocks-server" .

Quick Start

The quickest way to get started is using docker-compose.

docker-compose up

Alternately, you can manually launch the shadowsocks container.

docker run --name='shadowsocks' -d \
  --publish=8388:8388 \
  --env='SS_PASSWORD=ssp@ss' \

Available Configuration Parameters

Please refer the docker run command options for the --env-file flag where you can specify all required environment variables in a single file. This will save you from writing a potentially long docker run command. Alternately you can use docker compose.

Below is the complete list of available options that can be used to customize your shadowsocks installation.

  • SS_PASSWORD: A password used to encrypt transfer. Defaults to ssp@ss.
  • SS_TIMEOUT: Connections timeout in seconds. Defaults to 300.
  • SS_METHOD: The encryption method, "bf-cfb", "aes-256-cfb", etc. Defaults to aes-256-cfb.


To upgrade to newer shadowsocks releases, simply follow this 3 step upgrade procedure.

  • Step 1: Update the docker image.
docker pull dockage/shadowsocks-server:latest
  • Step 2: Stop and remove the currently running image
docker stop shadowsocks
docker rm shadowsocks
  • Step 3: Start the image
docker run --name=shadowsocks -d [OPTIONS] dockage/shadowsocks-server:latest

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