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docker link Ambassador image
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Ambassador pattern linking

using this image on separate docker-servers allows you to transparently proxy services.

# start actual redis server
$ docker run -d -name redis crosbymichael/redis
# then to run it (on the host that has the real backend on it)
$ docker run -t -i -link redis:redis -name redis_ambassador -p 6379:6379 svendowideit/ambassador
# on the remote host, you can set up another ambassador setting environment variables for each remote port we want to proxy
$ docker run -t -i -name redis_ambassador -expose 6379 -e REDIS_PORT_6379_TCP=tcp:// svendowideit/ambassador
# then on the same remote host, you can use a redis client container to talk 
# to the remote redis server, without knowing its location
$ docker run -i -t -rm -link redis_ambassador:redis relateiq/redis-cli
redis> ping

This image is based from the docker-ut as it uses the installed socat (and docker-ut is an otherwise pretty simple busybox image)

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