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An Ubuntu 14.04 Docker image for Swift
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An Ubuntu 14.04 Docker image for Swift.

You can find the Github repo here:

Docker Instructions

Pull the Docker Image From Docker Hub:
docker pull dockerbrasil/swift-2_2
Create a container from the Image and run ...

To see help message:

docker run -i -t --rm --name swiftfun dockerbrasil/swift-2_2 --help

Or to run Swift REPL / Debuger

docker run -i -t --rm --name swiftfun dockerbrasil/swift-2_2 swift

Now you can use de Swift REPL.

let greeting = "Hello!"
  greeting: String = "Hello!"
let answer = "forty-two"
  answer: String = "forty-two"
  Available completions:
    removeAll() -> Void
    removeAll(keepCapacity: Bool) -> Void
    removeAtIndex(i: Index) -> Character
    removeRange(subRange: Range<Index>) -> Void
    replaceRange(subRange: Range<Index>, with: C) -> Void
    replaceRange(subRange: Range<Index>, with: String) -> Void
    reserveCapacity(n: Int) -> Void
// Using library on Linux
import Glibc
10000 + (random() % 90000)
  Int = 43623

You can use TAB key » to see all availables completions

Use :quit to Quit the REPL

Docker Pull Command