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What's this?

This is the agent Docker Cloud uses to set up nodes. It's a daemon that will register the host with the DockerCloud API using a user token (Token), and will manage the installation, configuration and ongoing upgrade of the Docker daemon.

For information on how to install it in your host, please check the Bring Your Own Node documentation.


If installing from a .deb or .rpm package, Docker Cloud Agent will be configured in upstart to be launched on boot.

# dockercloud-agent -h
Usage of ./dockercloud-agent:
        Enable debug mode
  -docker-host string
        Override 'DockerHost'
  -docker-opts string
        Add additional flags to run docker daemon
  -host string
        Override 'Host' in the configuration file
  -ngrok-host string
        ngrok host for NAT tunneling
        Skip NAT tunnel
        Standalone mode, skipping reg with Docker Cloud
        Print log to stdout
  -token string
        Override 'Token' in the configuration file
  -uuid string
        Override 'UUID'  in the configuration file
  -v    show version
   set: Set items in the config file and exit, supported items

Configuration file is located in /etc/dockercloud/agent/dockercloud-agent.conf (JSON file) with the following structure:



Logs are stored under /var/log/dockercloud/:

  • agent.log contains the logs of the agent itself
  • docker.log contains the Docker daemon logs


Run make to build binaries and .deb and .rpm packages which will be stored in the build/ folder.


If HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY is defined, cloud-agent will read and use them. (this is supported by golang natively)

Supported Distributions

Currently supported and tested on:

  • Ubuntu 14.04, 15.04, 15.10
  • CentOS 7
  • Fedora 21, 22
  • Debian 8
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

Reporting security issues

To report a security issue, please send us an email to Thank you!

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