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Installs or runs cbfs & cbfsclient

cbfs in a can importent this README Includes Parts from japatezo/nsenter becaus i need em as reminder to add that in the readme

This is a small Docker recipe to build cbfs easily and install it in your
system. or use it directly inside the container

What is cbfs?

It is a small tool allowing to mount couchbase buckets spaces. Technically,

Why build cbfs in a container?

This is because my preferred distros (Debian and Ubuntu) ship with an
outdated version of go (the package that should build cbfs).
Therefore, if you need cbfs on those distros, you have to juggle with
APT repository, or compile from source, or… Ain't nobody got time for that.

I'm going to make a very bold assumption: if you landed here, it's because
you want to use cbfs and cbfs monitor

How do I install cbfs with this?

If you want to install cbfs into /usr/local/bin, just do this:

docker run --rm -v /usr/local/bin:/target dockerimages/cbfs

The dockerimages/cbfs container will detect that /target is a
mountpoint, and it will copy the cbfs binary into it.

If you don't trust me, and prefer to extract the cbfs binary,
rather than allowing my container to potentially wreak havoc into
your system's $PATH, you can also do this:

docker run --rm dockerimaes/cbfs cat /root/go/ > /tmp/cbfs

Then do whatever you want with the binary in /tmp/nsenter.

How do I get the stuff

go get

And you'll find the source in
$GOPATH/src/ (and a cbfs binary
should be in your path)

How do I build the stuff

cd $GOPATH/src/pkg/
go build

How do I run the stuff

mkdir -p /tmp/localdata
./cbfs -nodeID=$mynodeid \
       -bucket=cbfs \
       -root=/tmp/localdata \

The server will be empty at this point, you can install the monitor
using cbfsclient (go get

cbfsclient http://localhost:8484/ upload \
    $GOPATH/src/ monitor

Then go to http://localhost:8484/monitor/


  • This only works on Intel 64 bits platforms. Arguably, this is the
    only officially supported platform for Docker; so it's not a big deal.
    As soon as the Docker registry supports other architectures, I will
    see how to build nsenter for those!
  • nsenter still needs to run from the host; it cannot run inside a
    container (yet).
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