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The coffee API for chapter 12 of Docker in Action
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CoffeeFinder is a simple flask application for keeping track of coffee shops. It exposes a single endpoint:

You can POST to this endpoint to add a coffee shop to the database. Make sure you set the Content-Type to application/json and include all of the following in your POST body:

  • name The name of the coffee shop. Must be unique across all coffee shops. (String)
  • address The street address of the coffee shop (String)
  • zipcode The zipcode of the coffee shop (Integer)
  • price The price range of the coffee shop (Integer between 1 and 5 inclusive)
  • max_seats The maximum number of seats in the coffee shop (Integer)
  • power Whether or not the coffee shop has outlets available (Boolean)
  • wifi Whether or not the coffee shop has wifi available (Boolean)

Example request:
curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"name":"Cartel Coffee Lab", "address": "123 Derp Street #202", "zipcode": 85283, "price": 2, "max_seats": 40, "power": true, "wifi": true}'

You can call the endpoint with GET to get a list of all coffeeshops:

  "coffeeshops": [
      "address": "123 Derp Street #202", 
      "id": 1, 
      "max_seats": 40, 
      "name": "Cartel Coffee Lab", 
      "power": true, 
      "price": 2, 
      "wifi": true, 
      "zipcode": 85283
      "address": "123 Derp Street #202", 
      "id": 17, 
      "max_seats": 40, 
      "name": "Cartel Coffee Lab2", 
      "power": true, 
      "price": 2, 
      "wifi": true, 
      "zipcode": 85283


CoffeeFinder assumes you use postgresql as the backing store for the coffee shops, and that you are deploying with gunicorn. To deploy it, make sure you've installed python and have a postgresql server running, and have created a database on that server.

We'll use python's fantastic virtualenv to isolate the installation of our python package requirements:
virtualenv coffee_env
Now we need to install our required python packages:
coffee_env/bin/pip install -r requirements/prod.txt

We're almost ready to create our database and deploy our application. First we need to set a few environment variables:

  • COFFEEFINDER_DB_URI This is the postgresql database URI. It should be in the form: postgresql//username:password@host:port/database
  • COFFEEFINDER_CONFIG This is the configuration to use e.g. development or production. If unspecified CoffeeFinder will use the default configuration as specificed in

Now we can create our database tables:
coffee_env/bin/python create_tables

Finally we are ready to deploy:
coffee_env/bin/gunicorn -w 4 -b app.wsgi:app

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