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crosstool-NG container

This is a Docker container for crosstool-NG with configurable uClibc for building toolchains. It was created to support the Docker nano project.


To build the default toolchain follow these steps.

  1. ./build\ image – Build the Docker image locally and tag as ct-ng.
  2. ./build\ toolchain – Build the toolchain from the local ct-ng image.

The compressed toolchain tarball is copied to your working directory.

Customizing the build

The build can be customized from within the container. To enter the container run run container. The following commands are available within the container.

  • crosstool-configure – Configure crosstool-NG.
  • uclibc-configure – Configure uClibc.
  • toolchain-build – Build the toolchain.

To copy the toolchain to the host run pull toolchain from the host. The following scripts are available on the host.

  • run container – Removes any previous container started by this script and runs a new interactive container named CT-NG.
  • pull configs – Copies crosstool-NG and uClibc configurations from the CT-NG container.
  • pull toolchain – Copies the toolchain from the CT-NG container.

If you wish to build the modified toolchain outside the container you must first pull configs then follow the steps in Building to rebuild the image.

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