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Jenkins image used for SE demos
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docker image for jenkins

To pull this image:
docker pull dockersolutions/jenkins

Example usage

docker run -d --restart=always -p 8080:8080 --name jenkins \
  -e DTR_URL=<dtr-fqdn> \
  -e DEMO_MASTER=<demo-master-ip-or-host> \
  -e DOMAIN_NAME=<domain-name> \
  -e GITHUB_USERNAME=<github-username> \
  -e GIT_SERVER= \
  -v ucp-node-certs:/etc/docker:ro \
  -v jenkins-data:/var/lib/jenkins \

Jenkins runs as the user jenkins in the container. The jenkins user uid & gid are 510 in case a volume is used for the data in /var/lib/jenkins.

Jenkins User accounts

  • Purpose: This account is the main Jenkins account to be used interactively

    • Username: demo
    • Password: docker123
  • Purpose: This account should be used to trigger GitHub Webhook for the Jenkins (GitHub plugin) service.

    • Username: github
    • Password: roflmywaffles
    • Example webhook: https://github:roflmywaffles@jenkins.<your-domain-name>/github-webhook/

Interactive Updates

Make sure all files are owned by Jenkins:

sudo chown -R 510:510 jenkins/

Run a container:

docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 --name jenkins \
  -v ${PWD}/jenkins/jobs:/var/lib/jenkins/jobs \
  -v ${PWD}/jenkins/users:/var/lib/jenkins/users \
  --entrypoint java \
  dockersolutions/jenkins \
  -jar /usr/share/jenkins/jenkins.war

Run as a service:

docker service create \
  --replicas 1 \
  --constraint 'node.hostname == mbentley-master' \
  --env \
  --env DEMO_MASTER= \
  --env \
  --env GITHUB_USERNAME=mbentley \
  --mount type=volume,source=jenkinstest-data,destination=/var/lib/jenkins,readonly=false \
  --network ucp-hrm \
  --label com.docker.ucp.mesh.http.8080=internal_port=8080,external_route= \
  --name jenkins \

In order to pull Jenkins configuration updates, you need to pull the file out of the running container:

docker cp jenkins:/var/lib/jenkins/config.xml .

This file can not be a volume because Jenkins actually rotates the file itself so the bind mount doesn't work as expected. Changes in this file would be system wide configuration variables, views, etc.

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