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A very light "ready to use" Genghis app based on Alpine.
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Genghis Docker image

A very light "ready to use" Genghis app based on Alpine.

Supported tags and respective Dockerfile links

What is Genghis?

Genghis is a single-file MongoDB admin app, by Justin Hileman.

How to use this image

Start a Genghis instance

docker run --name genghis-app --link mongo-instance:db dockervan/genghis

You have to set at least one mongo link named db to get Genghis working properly.

This image includes EXPOSE 5678 (the Genghis default port),
so standard container linking will make it automatically available to the linked containers.

You can also publish the container port:

docker run --name genghis-app --link mongo-instance:db -p 5678:5678 dockervan/genghis

Genghis will be available on http://localhost:5678.

Link multiple databases

You can link multiple databases to your Genghis app.
All links names must be prefixed by db_:

docker run --name genghis-app --link mongo-instance:db --link other-instance:db_2 --link mongofoo:db_foo -p 5678:5678 dockervan/genghis

Use a custom servers dsn list

If you have a complex mongo structure that can not be compatible with the previous example,
you can add a servers.custom file that will contain arguments to give at the --servers option of Genghis.

Example of servers.custom:


Once the file created, link it on docker command:

docker run --name genghis-app --link mongo-instance:db --volume /path/to/servers.custom:/servers.custom:ro dockervan/genghis

Docker compose

Here a light example to use this image with docker-compose:

  image: mongo:2.6

  image: dockervan/genghis
    - mongo:db
    - '8101:5678'

Why using this image?

In contrary to the other Genghis images,
this one is based on Alpine Linux OS and provide a very light application (less than 30 MB).

This method is perfect for "ready to use" application images.
You can see another example with phpMyAdmin official image.

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