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v8's d8 built in debug mode, lots of versions available
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Entrypoint is d8.

Images have some environment variables with info about the build:

  • V8_TAG v8 release tag, not set if master was built
  • CHROME_VERSION corresponding Chrome version, not set if unknown
  • NODE_VERSION corresponding Node version, not set if unknown
  • BUILT_WITH always defined, either gn-ninja or gyp-make depending on which build tools were used to compile d8

Note that some older versions of d8 don't support redirect_code_traces_to. Take that into account. If the file /no_asm_redirect exists in the image, it means that this feature is not available. Checking if this file exists is cheaper than running d8 to find out, which is why I do this check when building the images.


  • master is built and pushed every night
  • This project is part of monomorphist
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