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Short Description
Log stash in Alpine with automatic Consul registration
Full Description

logstash-consul - Self-Registering Logstash Container

Available Tags

  • 2.3.2,latest (2.3.2/Dockerfile)


This image contains an officially packaged version of Logstash installed into Alpine Linux. A basic configuration has been applied to Logstash to enable a basic input pipeline on TCP/UDP port 5000 set to the json codec. The output pipeline sends to the Elasticsearch host defined in the environment variable and also prints to stdout.

The output pipeline is set to use the index logstash-${ENVIRONMENT}-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}. If no environment is specified, it will default to none

This image also has ContainerPilot installed which with perform basic health/availablity checks on Logstash and register it with Consul.

Environment Variables

This image can utilise the following variables

  • ELASTICSEARCH_HOST the hostname of the Elasticsearch host to use in the output pipeline. Since the sniffinf property is set to true, Logstash will use this host to discover other hosts.
  • CONSUL_ENVIRONMENT sets the tag to apply to the service registration with Consul
  • CONSUL_ADDRESS sets the address of the Consul instance to register against. This should be in the form of hostname:8500 such as

Important Ports

  • tcp/5000, udp/5000 the port on which Logstash will be listening for incoming logs
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