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This image is no longer used by the author, and is no longer maintained.


Prosody XMPP server docker image based on CentOS.


docker pull dockingbay/centos-prosody:latest .

Usually you'll want to pull some specific tag instead of latest. See
available centos-prosody tags.


  • Prepare a place for Prosody volume on the host machine.

      mkdir -p /var/lib/prosody
  • Label the directories to make SELinux happy.

      chcon -Rt svirt_sandbox_file_t /var/lib/prosody
  • Run Prosody docker container.

      docker run --name myprosody -p 5222:5222 -p 5269:5269 \
          -v /var/lib/prosody:/var/lib/prosody \
  • Config file in the volume on the host machine has been generated
    (/var/lib/prosody/conf/prosody.cfg.lua) on the container's first
    launch. Change the domain name in the config file to yours, specify
    paths to TLS key/cert to use. On production systems you'll probaby
    want to pre-create that file using your favorite configuration
    management tool.

  • Reload the config file in case you made changes to it.

      docker exec -i -t myprosody prosodyctl reload
  • Create a user.

      docker exec -i -t myprosody prosodyctl adduser

    You will be prompted for details.

  • Open firewall ports 5222 and 5269 on the host.

    firewall-cmd --add-port=5222 --zone=public --permanent
    firewall-cmd --add-port=5269 --zone=public --permanent

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