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SSH agent service image for Docksal -
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SSH Agent Docker image for Docksal

This image(s) is part of the Docksal image library.

The exposed ssh-agent socket will be accessible to all users (not only root) in any container.
This is achieved by exposing a proxy socket (/.ssh-agent/proxy-socket) via socat.


1. Start the ssh-agent container

docker run -d --name=ssh-agent docksal/ssh-agent

2. Add your ssh keys

Replace ~/.ssh with the path to your keys and id_rsa with the key name.
If the key has a passphrase, you will be asked to enter it.

docker run --rm --volumes-from=ssh-agent -v ~/.ssh:/root/.ssh -it ssh-agent ssh-add /root/.ssh/id_rsa

3. Access SSH keys from the ssh-agent in other containers

Mount the ssh-agent socket and set the SSH_AUTH_SOCK variable in other containers.


docker run --rm --volumes-from=ssh-agent -e SSH_AUTH_SOCK=/.ssh-agent/proxy-socket-it <image> ssh-add -l

Docker Compose

    - ssh-agent
    - SSH_AUTH_SOCK /.ssh-agent/proxy-socket

Deleting all keys from the ssh-agent

docker run --rm --volumes-from=ssh-agent -it docksal/ssh-agent ssh-add -D
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