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Web service images for Docksal -
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Apache Docker images for Docksal

This image(s) is part of the Docksal image library.


  • apache2.2 (based on http:2.2-alpine)
  • apache2.4 (based on http:2.4-alpine)


  • SSL enabled (self-signed cert)
  • PHP handling via FastCGI (mod_proxy_fcgi) (both 2.2 and 2.4)
  • HTTP Basic Authentication
  • Support for configuration overrides

Document root

Apache DocumentRoot for the default virtual host can be set via APACHE_DOCUMENTROOTenvironment variable
(defaults to /var/www/docroot).

FastCGI server endpoint

These images are set up to work with a FastCGI server and will not start without one.
The FastCGI endpoint can be set via APACHE_FCGI_HOST_PORT environment variable (defaults to cli:9000).

HTTP Basic Authentication

Use APACHE_BASIC_AUTH_USER and APACHE_BASIC_AUTH_PASS environment variables to set username and password.

Example with Docker Compose


Configuration overrides

Configuration overrides can be added to a Docksal project codebase.

Use .docksal/etc/apache/httpd-vhost-overrides.conf to override the default virtual host configuration:

DirectoryIndex index2.html

Use .docksal/etc/apache/httpd-vhosts.conf to define additional virtual hosts:

<VirtualHost *:80>
    ServerName docs.test.docksal

    ProxyPass /
    ProxyPassReverse /
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