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Tools used by the Docker docs team
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Link checker


To build: docker build -t docs/tools:linkchecker

(but the image is built automatically by Docker Cloud on push to this repository)

The configuration file linkchecker.conf is copied into the image at build time.


Basic usage:

docker run docs/tools:linkchecker

By default, checks the contents of /usr/src/app/target/index.html and all
linked files. This represents the contents of the docs/

Results are sent to stdout and if a broken link is found, an error is logged.

Check the live site:

Set the environment variable LOCAL to 0 to check the live site instead of the local files.

docker run --env local=0 docs/tools:linkchecker

Check a different remote site:

Defaults to checking, but
you can pass a different URL at runtime using the
$site Docker environment variable:

docker run --env site="" docs/tools:linkchecker

Check external URLs:

Defaults to not checking external URLs because it takes a long time and is bad
behavior to check external URLs several times a day. Set the checkextern
environment variable to 1 to check external URLs:

docker run --env checkextern=1 docs/tools:linkchecker
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