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CI Docker Container to check icinga2 configs against.
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This Docker Container only serves the purpose for testing the configuration of your monitoring setup. It's purpose is to be spun up by a CI, feeded a directory of configuration and killed again. I did this because all the icinga2 Docker instances on Docker Hub were tagged as latest, and the official Docker container didn't match the version I am currently running.

Therefore no web frontend is being installed, no IDO Database setup is being set up. Only use this to compile/test your configs.


Make sure you remove your ido-* files from the features-enabled directory before running the container, otherwise you'll get a build fail.

docker run -v $yourbuildcopy:/etc/icinga2 doertedev/icinga2

So, this is it really. Let's assume you're like me and use gitlab-ci, create a shell job runner using the following config:

rm features-enabled/ido-* &> /dev/null
docker run --rm -v $(pwd)/build:/etc/icinga2 doertedev/icinga2-ci:latest

Watch for upcoming releases/branches of this repo (or the equivalent Docker registry hub repo). More versions of the icinga2 container are coming.


As time passes by you might want to test your stuff against a version which is not being integrated yet. You know the drill: fork & PR.

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