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DoESLiverpool Status

This service is designed to give an easy way to view what tools that DoES offer are available.

It is currently available at
The system is built into a docker image and is stored in DockerHub at doesliverpool/status.


The configuration is split into multiple sections based on what resource they belong to.


The system will check for git updates and doorbot updates based on an environment variable.
During development this is set to 30 seconds. The docker image defaults to 5 minutes.

Environment Variables

UPDATE_TIME: The amount of time to wait before checking the services again. This is in seconds


The service will by default use port 80 if no port is set however the service will support any format that the go HTTP server will support

Environment Variables

HTTP_PORT: The port that the web server will run on


The system supports storing stats on services by storing them in a key/value store called bbolt. The database path is set by DATABASE_PATH which will default to the running folder if blank. This database should be kept between versions so should not be stored within your docker image if it is running in docker.

Environment Variable

DATABASE_PATH: The path to the database. This does not include the database name as that is fixed to status.db by the system


Status requires these git environment variables to enable git support.
The system pulls issues via the github api that match labels that start with the prefix. If an issue is found it must have the GITHUB_LABEL_BROKEN environment variable and be open for the service to be marked as broken.

Environment Variables

GITHUB_DISABLED: If set to true then no data is fetched from github. Github is enabled by default

GITHUB_TOKEN: Personal access token

GITHUB_ORG: The user or org that the repo belongs to

GITHUB_REPO: The repository that the issues belong to

GITHUB_LABEL_PREFIX: List services that start with this text for the label

GITHUB_LABEL_BROKEN: The label that is used to mark items as broken


The doorbot service requires them to push their uptime to the service to be marked as online

Environment Variables

DOORBOT_DISABLED: If set to true then no data is expected from the doorbots

DOORBOT_API_KEY: This is the key that the doorbots are required to send when informing the system they are online


To mark a doorbot online you need to send a post request with an authorization header and the body must contain a dootbot name and a timestamp.

POST /api/doorbot
Authorization: Bearer DOORBOT_API_KEY
Content-Type: application/json

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