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# Modified from #(Any Docker image can be used as a base. For example, to build on Ubuntu 17, # you could have specified ubuntu:17.04. See for # images that are available on DockerHub) FROM ubuntu:16.04 MAINTAINER Doitmagic <> # Install libraries RUN apt-get update -qq \ && apt-get install -yq cmake \ fceux \ gcc \ libboost-all-dev \ libjpeg-dev \ libsdl2-dev \ make \ unzip \ wget \ zlib1g-dev \ supervisor \ git \ curl \ mercurial # Install go tarball ENV GOLANG_VERSION 1.9.2 RUN wget -qO-${GOLANG_VERSION}.linux-amd64.tar.gz | tar -C /usr/local -xzf - # Set PATHS for GOLANG ENV HOME /root RUN mkdir ${HOME}/go ENV GOPATH ${HOME}/go ENV PATH ${PATH}:${GOPATH}/bin:/usr/local/go/bin WORKDIR ${HOME} # Install revel framework RUN go get -u RUN go get -u # Define mountable directories. VOLUME ${HOME}/go VOLUME ["/etc/supervisor/conf.d"] WORKDIR ${HOME}/go # clear apt cache and remove unnecessary packages RUN apt-get autoclean && apt-get -y autoremove EXPOSE 9000 CMD ["supervisord", "-c", "/etc/supervisor/supervisord.conf"]
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