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Simple image resizer.

This project is a very simple image resizer. It takes any image from Internet, a desired width and height, and uploads the resized version to your S3 bucket.


In order to upload the end result, you'll need to pass the following values as environment variables:

  • S3_KEY: Your S3 key.
  • S3_SECRET: Your S3 secret.
  • S3_REGION: The region code of your bucket. If you don't know what's your code, check Regions and endpoints and use the code of the column titled as Region
  • S3_BUCKET: The name of your bucket.

Input file

The resizer needs requires a json string on the stdin. The json has to be an Object looking like the following:

    "width": 100,
    "height": 100,
    "url": "",
    "destination": ""

The values for width and height are the size of the resized image.

The url is the source image, an URL to any image publicly accessible.

The destination is the full path within your bucket where you want to store the file.

Run it locally

You can run the converter locally. Clone this project, cd into it and npm install.

Then, a one-line command to run all together:

echo '{ \
    "width":30, \
    "height":50, \
    "url":"", \
    "destination":"test.jpg" \
}' | node resizer.js

NOTE: Remember to set the environment variables with your S3 configuration.

Run it on the cloud

At we provide an environment where anyone can run jobs easily.

Create an account at and create an image using dolaterio/simple-image-resizer. During the image creation, add Environment Variables with your S3 credentials.

After creating the image, go to Jobs and create a new one. In the STDIN field, type the Json file for the image to process and create the job. Our servers will run it and in a few seconds you'll get the resized image in your S3 bucket.

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