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Base installation of wagn, a rails based 'wiki' using an 'index card' metaphor.
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Base wagn installation with pristine 'mysite' sample wagn site. (Installed on Ubuntu 16.04 with ruby 2.3.0p0)

Start the container:

docker run -it --name wagn -p 3000:3000 doloop/wagn:base bin/bash

Once inside the container:

cd mysite
service mysql start

Then edit two files (nano is installed as a simple text editor). First, edit 'config/database.yml' and add the mysql password (admin) for the three separate databases (development, test and production). Then edit the 'Gemfile' and add gem 'therubyracer'. Then,

bundle install
bundle exec wagn server -b0.0.0.0

This last command binds the built in server to all interfaces, not just localhost or (Otherwise, just enter command wagn server.)

You can then access the new site at http//:localhost:3000 or depending upon your setup.

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