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build of nginx with auth module compiled
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Nginx With Authorization module

Dockerfile for nginx with auth-request-module and http-ssl module compiled in. Stolen from and

Sample usage:

  docker  run --name=nginx-container  -p 80:80 
  -v /Users/dhenton/bin/nginx-conf/ngproxy.conf:/etc/nginx/nginx.conf:ro \
  -v /Users/dhenton/FE-projects/css-sandbox/droptest:/usr/local/nginx/html:ro \
  -v /Users/dhenton/nginx/logs:/var/log/nginx  \
  --add-host dockerhost:`ifconfig vboxnet0 | grep 'inet' |awk '{print $2}'` \
  --rm donhenton/auth-nginx

Description of options

The -v options in the sample usage map a drive on the host to a drive expected by the docker container, For example,
host folder /Users/dhenton/nginx/logs is mapped to /var/log/nginx, which is where the docker container will put its logs.

Compile options

The compile options include the auth-request module, which can be used for authorization interception and SSO like things
"--with-debug" option will allow auth request matching debug information which can be activated with the debug entry on the error_log line in the conf file. These compile options are located in the docker file around 29. The current file in master does not have this turned on.

Docker host

In the above sample usage the add-host flag adds the ip to the container etc/hosts file that will allow access to services on the host, eg a web server. This syntax is Mac Docker Toolbox only. It is grepping the output of ifconfig to find the ip assigned by the Mac to the virtual box VM. Additionally mapping a file (ngproxy.conf) on the host to a file inside the container is only allowed if the external file is part of a docker volume. This happens automatically with docker-toolbox for the Mac for the /Users directory. In general in real docker, you can only mount volumes.

Docker file lua

The Dockerfile_lua script compiles the lua module which allows lua scripting for conf files: Sample usage is in the sample conf folder

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