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Burrow Stats

Dashboard for burrow kafka consumer lag checking

Running locally

yarn install

npm run dev


NODE_ENV=production npm run build
NODE_ENV=production npm start


docker run \
  -p 8022:8022 \
  -e PORT=8022 \
  -v /path/to/your/configs.json:/opt/burrow-stats/configs.json \

<a name="configs"></a> Configs

Burrow-stats requires a configuration file called configs.json. Take a look at configs.json.example for a complete example.

1) Consumers

  "consumers": [
      "name": "consumer_name_1",
      "status": "http://burrow-host:8000/v2/kafka/cluster_name/consumer/consumer_name_1/status",
      "consumer_group_offset": "http://burrow-host:8000/v2/kafka/cluster_name/consumer/consumer_name_1/topic/topic_name_1",
      "topic_offset": "http://burrow-host:8000/v2/kafka/cluster_name/topic/topic_name_1"

Accepts configurations for your consumers, if needed can aggregate data from different burrow instances.

2) Chart Options

  "chartOptions": {
    "scaleOverride": false,
    "scaleSteps": null,
    "scaleStepWidth": null,
    "scaleStartValue": null,
    "scaleFontSize": 14

Allows you to change some behavior of the chart.

  • scaleOverride : Enable scale override with a hard coded values. Default false
  • scaleSteps : The number of steps in a hard coded scale (Requires scaleOverride true)
  • scaleStepWidth : The value jump in the hard coded scale (Requires scaleOverride true)
  • scaleStartValue : The scale starting value (Requires scaleOverride true)
  • scaleFontSize : Scale label font size in pixels. Default 14

Example using hard coded values for scale. The Y axis will start with 0 and it will contain 20 steps of 10. All scale parameters are connected, you must provide all of them when enabling scaleOverride.

  "scaleOverride": true,
  "scaleSteps": 20,
  "scaleStepWidth": 10,
  "scaleStartValue": 0

3) Burrow Stats Options

  "burrowStatsOptions": {
    "pollInterval": 60,
    "cacheBinSize": 30,
    "envLabel": "Staging",
    "envLabelColor": "white",
    "envLabelBgColor": "rgba(0, 137, 207, 1)"

Configure burrow-stats internals.

  • pollInterval : Frequency of data update in seconds. Default 60
  • cacheBinSize : Number of data points stored. Default 30
  • envLabel : Optional environment label. Default null

  • envLabelColor: Default white
  • envLabelBgColor: Default rgba(0, 137, 207, 1)
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