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Container based on HypriotOS Debian Raspberry Pi image for Play Framework development!
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This is a minimal docker container based on Hypriot Debian Raspberry Pi image for Play Framework development!


You should run this container interactivelly and launch activator console commands from within your play projects directories.


  • Oracle JDK 1.8
  • Typesafe Activator 1.3.2
  • Git, wget, curl, build-essential


A user named play is created with sudoers privileges. Home is at /home/play.


Exports a volume on /home/play/Code.
You can mount the volume on run to a local directory containing your code. If you run into problems, check file ownerships.

ivy2 and sbt caches

Java user.home variable is defined, pointing to /home/play/Code.
In this way, all dependencies are kept if you mount the /home/play/Code volume on /home/play/Code/.ivy2 and /home/play/Code/.sbt directories.


Three ports are exposed:

  • 9000: default Play port.
  • 9999: default Play debug port.
  • 8888: default Activator UI port.

Remember to map the ports to the docker host on run.

How to run the container

Using docker

To get the container up and running and drop to an interactive shell, run:

sudo docker run --rm -it -v "/home/dordoka/Code:/home/play/Code" -p 9000:9000 -p 9999:9999 -p 8888:8888 dordoka/rpi-play

Remember to change /home/dordoka/Code to the directory where your code is stored.


Happy Play coding on your Raspberry Pi! :)

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