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Automated build for dorry-arm-market
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Dorry Arm Market

  • Dorry Arm Market serves the market of Dorry Platform on arm and provides a set of apis for user management.
  • It uses tornado as the web framework and requires Python version 3 or above.

Environment Setup

  • To get the source code, run git clone
  • This project requires Python 3, please make sure Python 3 is installed on your machine. Visit Python for more information.
  • cd dorry-arm-market
  • sudo apt-get -y update && sudo apt-get -y upgrade
  • sudo apt-get install python3-pip
  • Run pip3 install -r requirements to install requirements.

Start the Server

  • Run python3 to start the server. The server will be running on port 15000.

Start the server with a Docker container

  • Run docker build -t dorry-arm-market . to build the image.
  • Run docker run --restart=always -p 15000:15000 --net=host -h <host> --name dorry_market -d dorry-arm-market to start the container.

Start the database with a Docker container

  • Run docker run --restart=always -p 28000:27017 --name dorry_market_db -d mongo to start the database.


  • A testing environment is required for testing. If you do not have a server running on 15000 and a mongo database running on 28000, please set up the environment with the steps below.
  • To set up the environment, run docker run -p 28000:27017 --name dorry_market_db_test --restart=always -d mongo and python3
  • To run the tests, run python3
  • To delete the mongo database for testing, run docker stop dorry_market_db_test && docker rm dorry_market_db_test.


  • This project uses Sphinx and Read the Docs to generate the documentation.
  • This video Sphinx & Read the Docs provides detailed explanation on how to generate and serve a documentation with Sphinx and Read the Docs.
  • Visit Sphinx and Read the Docs for more information.
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