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This is tool for CI for C++ projects with googletest and googlemock.
Full Description

Build image

This repository is meant to build the image for a cpp_ci container.

$ docker build --no-cache -t dosue77/cpp_ci:0.1 -f Dockerfile .


The image is ready-to-go, you just need to mount your workspace as data volume
and indicate the project to be build and the target path.

$ docker run --rm -v /home/osboxes/cpp_ci/workspace:/workspace -e PROJ=Test_Ejer7b_Chat \
-e TARGET=Debug dosue77/cpp_ci:latest

Project must follows Eclipse approach as shown in the following example:

└── Test_Ejer7b_Chat
    ├── Chat.cpp
    ├── Chat.h
    ├── ChatTest.cpp
    ├── Debug
    │   ├── makefile
    │   ├──
    │   ├──
    │   └──
    ├── MediaServer.h
    ├── MockMediaServer.h
    ├── MockUser.h
    └── User.h
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